How to setup LED Billboards in Nigeria

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2 min readJun 10, 2020


How often are you on the road and see an exciting LED billboard by a very big corporation; like a bank, beverage brand, or even for a movie. When you think about it, it’s more often than not, especially in Lagos.

LED billboards have been an exclusive channel for the bigger brands in the market due to its seemingly unreachable nature. Looking at the use of LED boards today, it can easily be misconstrued that its primary function is the portrayal of brand personality which is usually an expensive art.

On Nigerian LED boards, what prevails are the faces of celebrities and models whose big grin probably costs a fortune, starring in a material shot and produced outside the country. Many brands still need visibility and your brand can use LED boards to simply “send a message”, what that message says depends on the maturity of your brand in the market.

At GO Ads Africa, our goal is to get you on any screen anywhere at the best possible rates. We created mini-slots to cater to MSMEs whose budget, target market, and general objectives are smaller than what is required by big brands. For bigger brands, we use cutting edge technologies to provide performance analytics in order to measure ROI.

Setting up a Billboard was slightly difficult because of the custodians of media buying powers, but at GO Ads Africa, we have made it so easy. The first thing to know about billboards and traditional advertising, in general, is that you need to get approval from Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) to advertise, by law they review every material that goes out, it’s a two-week process and we make it very seamless for you.

Reach out to us today and we’ll work on your campaign from start to finish in five (5) steps;

Step one — Create a script & submit for APCON Approval (We can handle this entire APCON process for you.)

Step two — Upon approval share 10secs video with GO Ads

Step three — Select preferred billboard based on your campaign goal and budget

Step four — Make payments & your Ad material will be exposed to selected billboards.

Step five — All ads will be tracked and a report will be shared.

LED Billboard Slots to start from N50,000 ONLY. Let’s start talking today send a mail to



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