Detty December 2020; The experiential perspective

This article is written from the eye of a Lagosian, who frequently parties in other Nigerian Cities and has managed events across major West African cities.

As an experiential agency, a lot of your Q4 execution planning starts in August. You start booking event space and finding new partners who have exciting new ideas that your client will like. It’s a whole thing and it’s a very large process.

2020 took a major turn and everybody was forced to stay at home. The general assumption was that we would be home till the end of summer and life as we know it will be back to normal, however, the virus is still very much around.

A little break through with the vaccines, but we aren’t exactly sure what it means for Nigeria and west Africa as a whole.

At Go Ads Africa, we have stayed home a lot, went out to protest police brutality in Nigeria, and ran some very interesting traditional media campaigns for our clients.

This December 2020, we decided to bring out our interactive screens as we did Last year and also provide Managed WIFI at events. We are open for business — Our Interactive screens (43’’, 55’’ and 65’’ inches) are back as well as managed WIFI.

We understand that it’s been a tough year, so a lot of our clients who reached out wanted discounts and explained that events will be intimate and have less than 150 guests!

Our current promo covers;

55’’ Inches Interactive screens; that allow you to fix puzzles, play trivia, and any activity that you think your audience will enjoy! Best for consumer engagement.

Managed WIFI allows you to personalize the WIFI name, capture data, and get consumers engaged with products or services while using the fastest internet speed at your event.

Reach out with your event date and content you are looking to push! We are happy to help.

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