This article is written from the eye of a Lagosian, who frequently parties in other Nigerian Cities and has managed events across major West African cities.

As an experiential agency, a lot of your Q4 execution planning starts in August. You start booking event space and finding new partners who have exciting new ideas that your client will like. It’s a whole thing and it’s a very large process.

2020 took a major turn and everybody was forced to stay at home. The general assumption was that we would be home till the end of summer and life as we know it will be back to normal, however, the virus is still very much around. …

How often are you on the road and see an exciting LED billboard by a very big corporation; like a bank, beverage brand, or even for a movie. When you think about it, it’s more often than not, especially in Lagos.

LED billboards have been an exclusive channel for the bigger brands in the market due to its seemingly unreachable nature. Looking at the use of LED boards today, it can easily be misconstrued that its primary function is the portrayal of brand personality which is usually an expensive art.

On Nigerian LED boards, what prevails are the faces of celebrities and models whose big grin probably costs a fortune, starring in a material shot and produced outside the country. Many brands still need visibility and your brand can use LED boards to simply “send a message”, what that message says depends on the maturity of your brand in the market. …


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